Commercial kitchen Hood Cleaning


Clear the air while cooking indoors! No one likes a smoky kitchen.

At Eco Green Air our technicians will help clear and maintain your kitchen hood and exhaust. Keeping air clean by removing odors, grease and smoke particles out of the air provides optimal working conditions for chefs and guests.

In need of professional Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services? Eco Green Air is here to assist and can handle any kitchen exhaust or hood cleaning that you may need! Why pay high cost on your cleaning services? Take advantage of our specials and promotions. We are proud to be a leading top rated cleaning company and have served thousands of residential home and commercial properties.

Eco Green Air delivers to the local community quality Kitchen Hood Cleaning. If you are in need of service for either restaurant or commercial properties, we can take care of any size project. Our cleaning experts are well qualified for any job! Dirty kitchen exhaust hoods are a fire hazard and dangerous! Our knowledgeable professionals can perform all the necessary tasks to get your kitchen exhaust system fully clean again. You will also get the best specials and prices available on hood cleaning services! If your Kitchen exhaust system is not clean and up to code, our techs are experienced with Kitchen Hood Cleaning in the local Los Angeles,orange, ventura counties. We take pride in supplying Top quality cleaner services and are on standby ready to help you.

Inquire today for servicing options and affordable kitchen hood cleaning technicians. Our team of specialists and office personnel are ready to assist with any exhaust hood cleaning problems you may have.

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Does my Kitchen Exhaust Hood Need Cleaning?

A few indicators that it’s time for Kitchen Hood Cleaning.

Typical reasons include:

1. Grease is visually built up in the Kitchen Exhaust
2. Smoke and heat doesn’t properly vent
3. Bad odors are coming out of the exhaust vent

Inquire with Eco Green Air today to find out if you need a cleaning specialist at your residential home or commercial property in Los Angeles, CA. We can get your kitchen hood cleaned and ready for use once again!