Air Duct Replacement

Uneven air flow? AC feeling more warm than cold?

If your electric bill seems to be getting bigger, it may be time to check your air ducts.

At Eco Green Air we’ll give you a FREE visual inspection. We understand that having clean air can make a world of difference. Our sealants are all natural.

We use only Safecoat Dynoflux Sealant for a 5 stage seal. Our 2x sealant 2x zip ties and 18lb approved duct tape seals and protects every duct connection.

Eco Green Air uses commercial grade super insulated R-8 ducts for less condensation for higher energy efficiency. We redesign and recalculate duct size to ensure a proper fit. To make sure you get balanced air flow, we use air dampers to measure and balance the air coming in and out of each vent. We pass all city regulated HERS testing and even pull permits to ensure you comply with all city codes.

Eco Green Air gives you a lifetime warranty on all services for as long as you live in your home! Send us an email to find out more. Click here