HVAC Filter & Tune-ups


Eco Green Air checks your entire system from A to Z.

Our complete tune – up includes 20-point inspection, including checking refrigeration and replacing filters. This service is recommended every six months to ensure proper functioning and efficiency. Annual tune-ups are recommended by EcoGreen Air Today, EPA, Energy Star, the US Department of Energy, and local utilities.

Getting a tune-up will help prevent your AC from missing freon, detect whether or not your capacitor or thermostat is bad and determine if you have dirty coils or condensers.

Cooling systems are designed by every cubic feet of the cooling area. A broken air ducts blows air in unwanted areas, causing your AC to stop functioning, or making it unable to reach the right temperature. Don’t let this happen to you. Call Eco Green Air today for a tune-up and receive a FREE carbon filter.

Not just the solution, but the green solution. Find out more by calling Eco Green Air today! (877)342-4934