HVAC Service & Repair

AC Repair North Hollywood

If your Furnace or A/C Unit is not working or needs a tune-up, our expert technicians are experienced in all areas of HVAC Service & Repair.

We take pride in providing quality HVAC Services for both residential homeowners and commercial properties. Contact us today for servicing and free estimates for Heating and Cooling related repairs.

  • Diagnostics
  • Part Replacements
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Mechanical Repairs
  • Freon Charging
  • Installations

Eco Green Air provides professional HVAC Repair Services for both heating and cooling throughout the Southern California areas, including Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino, San Gabriel Valley, San Fernando Valley Ventura and part of Riverside Counties.

Do I Need My Heater or Air Conditioner Repaired?

There are many factors that indicate you may need repair on your air conditioner or heater. Some common symptoms are:

  • Unit runs but doesn’t cool or heat.
  • Unit repeatedly turns on and off.
  • Unit has no power or won’t turn on.
  • Unit is making noise.
  • Unit is not blowing strongly.

Breathe easy and rest assured. Our technicians are ready to assist. Click the link below or call (877)342-4934 and a qualified representative will be able to assist you. We’re only a call away!