Residential Reviews

Great! Extremely Professional and Informative. Amazing Attention to details and the area they worked in is even leaner when they left. Would HIGHLY Recommend ECO-GREEN

WILLIAM H, Costa Mesa, CA, 5 Stars

Examine roof and attic for signs of water damage or holes.
wondethjl, they kept it simple and found nothing interesting. they did
recommend I update the attic insulation which was getting old. I will
probably go with them as they seemed nice.

SHAN Y, El Monte, CA, 5 Stars

Installed a tankless water heater, new ethic insulation and two attic fans. They did a great job. I am happy with the work..

JEREMY G, Los Angeles, CA, 5 Stars

They had to pull old existing air conditioner and furnace out, clean the asbestos out, rebuild replace all air duct in the attic. Install the new two units and clean up after themselves. They were extremely professional. Well dressed, clean shake my hand upon arrival kept me updated throughout  the process. Was way more than i thought it would be, but now i am set for another 30 years

TERY L, Irvine, CA, 5 Stars

They pulled out the air ducts and they are chewed through by rats. Clean up the attic put in new air ducts, rat-proofed the attic and sprayed in a lot of insulation. They were very nice pretty quick, considering all they have to do. I don’t know how much anyone else charge to do this so i am not reliable in the price category.

HOLLAND H, Camarillo, CA, 5 Stars

Remove all ducts and asbestos contaminated piping.. Replace all the ducks and pipes.. Everything went smoothly and efficiently. The attic is so much cleaner and less crowed with new pipes..Heater is blowing cleaner and is more powerful than before..

DEBORAH C, San Clemente, CA, 5 Stars

Eco green first provided an overall inspection of the attic to determine if their was any asbestos or rodent in the attic. Then they remove and clean all the vents, vacuum ducts and took apart the heating elements and clean the dyer vent. They put every thing back and make sure the air filter was installed.. They did a great job..

BRIDGET S, Sherman Oaks, CA, 5 Stars

Complete overhaul of the attic and HVAC system. Remove and replace 26 ducts, 2 filters, remove all asbestos, remove all old insulation and replace with new.. They did the work with 1 day notice and worked over the weekend to finish the work before Thanksgiving. I can now breath in  my house and haven’t had to take any allergy medicine since the work has been done…

KENDRA G, Rolling Hills Estates, CA, 5 Stars

Thank you for rating ECO-GREEN an A. We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with Angie’s list  users.. Its great you choose a full vent cleaning. You definitely don’t want dust in your home to be circulated through out your house.. ECO GREEN wants you to be your one stop shop so make sure you contact again for all your HVAC needs. Thank you for your business..

DEBORAH R, Redondo Beach, CA, 5 Stars