Asbestos Removal

Need asbestos removal at your home or property?

Asbestos can be very dangerous and hazardous if disturbed, frayed or crumbling occurs and fibers are released in the air.

If you have asbestos in your air duct system or in your construction, it is best to remove it and eliminate the possible health risks that may arise from exposure to the substance.

Eco Green Air can remove asbestos using a licensed removal company for both residential and commercial properties throughout the Southern California area. Those technicians are certified in asbestos removal using special equipment to safely remove and dispose hazardous waste. Asbestos removal technicians receive special training, annual courses, and carry special insurance and license, they need special permits and to be register with the CSLB and Dosh.

We take asbestos findings very seriously and we take extra precaution when working around it. When we see a sight of possible asbestos, we immediately stop the work that is currently being done, and test for asbestos for confirmation. By not removing the asbestos and keep working with the equipment we run the big possibility of bringing asbestos from one home to another, which is why we don’t work on asbestos air duct only removing it.