Attic Inspections

Untitled-5Are you paying too much for utilities?

Schedule an attic inspection and insulation analysis to find out where you’re losing energy and money from your house.

Don’t waste dollars on unnecessary utility charges because of poor insulation.

Spaces or empty cavities in between the insulation need proper sealing. Eco Green Air gets your attic floor fully insulated, saving you money on your electric bills.

  • Air Leak Check
  • Insulation R-values
  • Damage Assessment
  • Air Ducts Condition
  • Rodent Check
  • Energy Efficiency

Here’s the Eco Green Air Deal:

  • $49.00 for an attic inspection, plus an insulation and ventilation analysis
  • Check for air leaks
  • Verify quality of attic insulation R-values
  • Analyze heating and cooling loss
  • Report with recommendations for corrections and repairs
  • Includes $150 credit toward recommended improvements