Eco Green Air is an authorized Hero Program Contractor that helps home or property owners like you get affordable financing for energy upgrade renovations. The HERO program is the smartest way to finance home upgrades that will lower your utility costs, as well as save energy and water. We are a HERO contractor providing services in Los Angeles County and can guide you from A-Z on how to finance, get rebates and the best prices on your energy upgrade renovation project.

Home Energy Financing & Hero Program – How we do it.

As an authorized contractor to work with the HERO Program, Eco Green Air is able to process commercial and residential property owners in over 350 cities and counties across California. The HERO Program offers more than 1 million eligible products. Eco Green Air can quickly determine if you qualify for financing and how much money you are eligible to receive. Give our specialists a call today to find out your eligibility status and take the next step towards starting your energy upgrade or home renovation projects. We also have connections to save and receive $1,000’s of dollars back from your energy efficient projects.

  1. Check Eligibility
  2. Provide Estimates
  3. Submit Application
  4. Install Improvements
  5. Receive Payments

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