By Calling Eco-Green for the special Roto-Brush Cleaning I customers agree to all terms and conditions.

The Roto-Brush service can be called: Roto-Brush, Moto-Brush, Motor Brush, but the tool to be used will have Brush.

The customer agrees that Eco-Green will use the Roto-Brush with its own cleaning limitation as part of the Roto-Brush special Service package; the Roto-Brush special service package is including using the Moto Brush tool for the cleaning of only the supply air ducts. Eco-Green offers other services as maintenance or HVAC cleaning, Sanitation and energy efficient work, those are not included in the Roto-Brush special Service package.

The Roto-Brush service package for $90 for 6 vents promo is a onetime offer to first time customers; you cannot use this promo if you have been already once our customer and got this promo service or any other promo/discounted service. The promo or discounted packages services that customers can used only once are: Roto-Brush Package, free Inspection, Free estimate, any discount service.

Eco Green uses method of cleaning that call Roto Brush, the Roto-brush it’s a rotating brush on a 25’ hose. We will take off each one of the supply vents and expose the air ducts opening, the technician will push in to the air-duct the Roto-brush, than he will start spinning the brush, the brush will agitate the dust and the hose will vacuum it to our HAPA vacuum machine.
We will open separately each one of the supply vents and will work individually on each air duct. The work will be performed from the inside of the house, going up on a max 6’ high step ladder and getting into the air vents. ( All vents that cannot  be reached using a 6’ ladder will be an extra cost).

After the technician will be done with the vacuuming they will close back the vents and vacuum the relevant working area keeping it free of dust.

The discount applies only 1 time for each address or each customer; the customers are the owners of the house, living in single family houses or town houses. The Roto-brush special doesn’t apply for apartments, Management Company, commercial building, contractors, relators, and offices.(Customers that have 16 vents cannot get $90 special twice; customers that have two houses cannot get two houses for $90 special each)
Based on the technician diagnostic, the technician can change the method of cleaning based on the condition/type/layout of the house. If the customer will decide not to accept the change for the service then the customer will don’t have to pay for the visit.

We don’t clean air ducts in the following circumstances: if asbestos is present or we suspect its asbestos, if the ducts are fiberglass exposed-liners, if the air ducts are metal tubing or liners, if the air ducts are broken flex ducts or if the air ducts where been abused by radon, air ducts that are installed not by updated city building codes, Air ducts that got no excess for service or repair in case they be damaged or the Roto-brush get stock.

We will not use Roto-Brush also in case our technician’s found that the existing air ducts will not handle the pressure of the cleaning and may break.

Eco Green is willing to except and agree and make some exceptions based on out technician diagnostics and officer approval.

Roto-Brush special package is not including in its price the following:
cleaning air ducts that got any kind of construction dust, Air Ducts with dead animals, houses after remediation work, The Roto Brush is not effective for removing bad smells or bad odor, dryer vent cleaning is not included, cleaning of the return air or box , unit cleaning or any other service offered by eco-green except the Roto-Brush Service.

Deodorizer, the deodorizer is UN toxic, environmental safe spray that adds good smells every time you run the system, the Deodorizer will refresh the air that will come from the air ducts, its green and safe. The deodorizer will not eliminate odor smells from any king of source; the customer responsibility is to notify Eco Green on any kind of odor smells that comes from the air ducts prior to start work, Customer agree and understand that “Roto-Brush” cannot take any odor or bad smells out of the duct work.

Roto Brush additional cost: If the vents are silicon glued or painted on top the service will be canceled, the customer will have to hire an handyman or remove the vents themselves preior our arrival. In case Eco Green stuff will be able to remove the vents.